The Cost of Curating Beauty – Mystery through Manners Podcast

Many months ago, as I began to create storylines and episode ideas for an entire season on Beauty, I came across an interesting dilemma: how to talk about beauty when our world has so many ideas about it? It seemed to be that the only way to have an honest and real discussion about the importance of Beauty in our lives, we have to address the ways the culture has weaponized beauty to cause harm and anxiety. In today’s episode, we dive into the heart of our culture’s problem with beauty, and how

NFP’s Modern Marvels - Kresta in the Afternoon - July 24, 2019

More millennial women than ever are turning to fertility-awareness-based methods, not simply for a natural way to plan their families, but as a way to keep track of their bodily health and well-being without putting hormones or artificial devices into their bodies. New digital technology has been transforming fertility-awareness-based methods, or FABMs, and empowering women to take charge of their health and fertility. It has also offered them natural family planning alternatives to artificial forms of birth control. We talk with Mary Rose Somarriba. [22:14]
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CatholicVote Radio Hour: Celebrity Misconduct and Porn Addiction

The CatholicVote Radio Hour, Episode 12: Amber Athey, Mary Rose Somarriba, and Joshua Mercer join host Stephen Herreid to talk about how Nancy Pelosi got due process wrong (twice!), the role pornography might have played in recent celebrity misconduct, and Poland’s new plan to phase out Sunday shopping by the year 2020. Our special guest is Brian Burch, co-founder and president of CatholicVote, who tells us the story of how CatholicVote came to be (and, believe it or not, how we never would’ve

Vernacular episode 45: 'the one where we talk about porn and rape culture' —

It is difficult to overstate the link between pornography and rape culture: pornography promises cheap thrills, quick satisfaction, and no consequences. But how does pornography shape the minds of its viewers? Has it crippled a generation's ability to relate to the opposite sex? This is what we're talking about in this episode, and the results are alarming. Mary Rose Somarriba of Verily Magazine joins us to talk about her latest research and writing at this intersection, and to talk to us about